The newest division of The Nardozzi Companies is Nardozzi Design & Engineering. Having been in the construction market for over 35 years, the Nardozzi Family has grown with the market focused on green and sustainable building solutions for all phases of construction projects. NDE is dedicated to offering its clients with the best design solutions available for their projects regardless of size.

The Nardozzi Companies specializes in construction in and around the Finger Lakes Region. This specific region of the state presents many unique challenges given the steep slopes, limited property access and constant erosion issues.

All divisions of The Nardozzi Companies have pronounced successful relationships with the many regulatory state and federal agencies protecting the beauty of the Finger Lakes and Lake Ontario. We are proud of the strong track record we forged with the NYSDEC, US Army Corps Of Engineers, municipal soil and water boards, ALCA, NCMA and ICPI. Along with these agencies we are committed to preserving the Finger Lakes Region.