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Site & Waterfront Development

We bring together a wide variety of experience, engineering knowledge, craft and management skills, and specialty equipment to provide a quality product, on schedule, and at a fair price. Our workforce is focused on safety, quality, integrity, respect, environmental awareness, and good business practice.  Our skills include asphalt paving, concrete construction, earthmoving, underground utility construction, railroad construction, deep foundations, directional drilling, auger boring & pipe ramming, drilled anchors, steel fabrication, structure demolition, and more.  We thrive on difficult technical projects requiring extensive planning, engineering analysis, and specialized equipment.  We work on aggressive schedules and throughout the winter.  All our work includes safe work and environmentally conscientious practices.

Nardozzi’s experience includes all types of retaining walls, including waterfront structures.  We have full earthwork and concrete construction capabilities.  Many of our projects include repairs to existing retaining walls using drilled anchors and concrete refacing.

In addition, we are a leading expert in design-build construction of waterfront projects on Lake Ontario and The Finger Lakes Region.  James Nardozzi (Nardozzi’s President) has designed and constructed a variety of waterfront structures throughout the company’s history. James is a project engineer by trade specializing in marine level wall systems for the NYSDEC and USACE.

  • Land Clearing and Grubbing
  • New and Renovated Site Utilities
  • Scenic Trail Connectors & New Construction
  • Mass Excavation
  • Earthwork Cutting and Filling
  • GPS Site Positioning and Layouts
  • Retaining Walls SRW & CIP
  • Demolition
  • Vegetation Management
  • NYSSED Playground Installations

Concrete Services

  • Sidewalks & Multi-Use Pathways
  • CIP Curb and Gutter
  • Industrial CIP and Monolithic Install
  • Sea Walls & Marine Construction
  • Poured Walls, Stairs, Foundations, Industrial Slab,
  • ICF Systems
  • Slipform Curb and Gutter

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