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Trenchless Underground Installations

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) & Horizontal Auger Bore

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a “trenchless technology” method of installing utilities and pipelines.  HDD is ideal for crossing areas where open cut excavations are not allowed, such as railroads, highways, rivers and streams, airport runways, and wetlands. It is also appropriate for busy streets, narrow corridors, and deep alignments where standard trenching would be cost prohibitive.

The depth and alignment the HDD drills are controlled by steering around structures and utilities.  Upon completion of the pilot hole, the new pipeline is pulled back through the borehole.  Pipes larger in diameter than the borehole are reamed out to a larger size prior to installing the pipe.

Nardozzi Companies is capable of installing steel, PVC, ductile iron, or HDPE pipe (up to 36 inch diameter).  While most of our bores are in the 200 to 800 ft range, we have reached out as far as 2,700 feet in a single bore.  Drilling depths of up to 80 feet or more are possible depending upon the total drilling distance.  Our Ditch Witch 4020 and 100 All Terrain drills are specially equipped for efficient drilling and steering in rock conditions.

In addition to HDD, NCOM is also capable of horizontal auger bores of up to 42-inch-diameter.  We also have a 24/30-150 for smaller bores.

What Is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is a trenchless method that is used to replace old or damaged pipeline without the need for a traditional excavation trench. At the most basic, pipe bursting is intentionally breaking up damaged sewer systems to make way for replacement systems. Generally, it is used as a final solution for severely compromised sewage systems when other more traditional methods are impractical. Unlike most other pipe repair methods, most homeowners probably do not have any idea what a pipe bursting is and why it can be the best way to fix a broken sewer line. We will break down the reasons why pipe bursting is a great innovative solution for broken sewer pipes.

When dealing with severely damaged pipes, it is not always necessary to excavate to place new pipes. With pipe bursting, a bursting head is fed through the pipe that is larger at its base than the diameter of the pipe which causes it to expand and break apart. Once this is done, the new pipe can be easily fed through the space left by the old pipe.

One of the great benefits of the pipe bursting method is that it can usually be completed in a matter of hours. This has made it one of the preferred pipe replacement and repair methods. On top of taking less time, it is also safer and cheaper than other more traditional pipe replacement techniques. For efficient quality installation of replacement pipes, no other technique, trenchless or otherwise, comes close to pipe bursting.

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